October 9, 2012
An April Fool’s Article for the Cornell Daily Sun…which was never published

Beginning of April an Isolated Event, Says Administration

            “April is the cruelest month,” according to some reports.  Amidst rumors that Cornell gets “more April” than any of the other Ivies, the administration has set out to minimize the impact of this April. 

            “Some April is to be expected, and Ithaca experiences April on par with the national average,” said President Skorkin, in a statement released this morning.  “Not all students are experiencing April.  Some students haven’t even turned their calendars yet.  Some students think it’s May already.  Everything’s fine.”

            The cause of this April has not yet been determined, but a student impact panel made findings that Ithaca’s weather patterns and isolated location may have played a role.  Additionally, student health services seems to have been unable to stop this April.

            “Last year, Harvard’s April lasted 31 days, and no one seemed to notice,” Skorkin reminded students. 

            The administration plans to place fences around Cornell campus’s calendars, in an attempt to stop students from spontaneously looking at calendars.

October 9, 2012
I Got This Message From a Total Stranger on Facebook

Hello Kate,

i signed up my facebook and saw you on my suggestion list,was curious and seaarched futher,sorry if i invaded your privacy but i couldnot help it,i am a hardworking man,widowed for years now.
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and hopefully we will have that special spark that makes life so much fun
Warm hugs

June 29, 2012
347 Steps Podcast - Episode 208

I appeared on episode 208 of The 347 Steps Podcast, along with Doug Vannier, Thom Brown, and Lee Oeth.

June 6, 2012
Ten Things You Will Do While Studying for the Bar

An article I wrote for www.BitterLawyer.com

May 27, 2012
Bartoons. Cartoons about the Bar.

May 26, 2012
Leave Your Sons and Daughters to Me

An article I wrote for The MQ, UC San Diego’s student run paper analogous to The Onion, in March 2007.

May 26, 2012
Stephen Colbert's Friends Exchange Rate

In July 2006, I sent a letter to The Colbert Report, and it was read on the air in a bit.  I offered Stephen Colbert my Filipino friend in exchange for his former black friend, Alan.